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Buying essential baby items and supplies. The amount of gear you need to purchase before a baby arrives can seem exhaustive and confusing. A shopping list is definitely a must, as it can help you keep track of the baby supplies you've already purchased and the stuff you still need.

Socks — Socks are a necessity for a baby. Bubble bath — A bubble bath differs from body washes in a way that bubble baths are specifically made to produce lots of bubbles. For a solution that looks a little nicer, they make little inexpensive plastic cord shorteners click here to check price on Amazon that you wrap the cord up inside of, making it secure and as short as you need it to be. They create a steam by heating water. Bouncy seats are highly entertaining for babies because they bounce up and down when your child moves or kicks.

There’s a reason why Carter’s is the leading brand of baby clothes in the United States today. Quality fabrics, adorable designs and attention to detail come together to create a .
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When our son was old enough to start crawling, he, like most other babies, found some weird fascination with wall outlets. So, we knew it was time to get some outlet plugs to deter him from sticking anything in the outlets.
Aug 18,  · Just in case pregnant women don't have enough to worry about, there are some legends warning them of harm during an eclipse. Aztecs believed a .
Baby: Free Shipping on orders over $45 at - Your Online Baby Store! Get 5% in rewards with Club O!
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Here are some essentials to stock up on. You might opt to purchase a crib right away, or you might want to use a bassinet to bring your newborn closer to your bed instead. No matter what you choose, look for a comfortable sleeping solution for your little one sleep is extremely important at this stage. Convertible cribs are an economical solution because you can easily convert them into toddler beds and use them for a couple of years after your little one starts growing up.

Opt for a waterproof crib mattress pad whenever possible to make your job easier with cleaning. Your baby will need a several fitted crib sheets and some soft blankets. In the first months, babies don't actually need any pillows, but having several sheet sets on hand makes it easier to keep things fresh and limit how often you have to do laundry. High chair and changing unit: A freestanding high chair or a portable one that attaches to a regular chair is ideal for the time when your baby becomes ready for solid food.

A changing unit can also make your life so much easier by providing lots of handy storage while looking great in the nursery. As soon as your baby starts crawling and rolling, you need to guard them from numerous household dangers by childproofing your home.

Children are curious about the world around them but aren't aware of things that might pose safety hazards, so it's up to you to make sure there aren't any around the house. Some of the essential pieces of safety equipment that you can use to protect your baby from common hazards include safety gates for the top and bottom of the stairs, outlet covers for all the exposed outlets in the house, toilet seat locks, and cupboard and drawer latches.

These handy gadgets come with a transmitter and one or more receivers to allow you to keep an eye on your baby without having to be in the same room with them.

You can opt for a model with or without video capabilities. They differ because of how the cover attaches to the outlet; regular outlets need a screw for the cover, but decora outlets have a cover that simply snaps into place.

On the left is a regular outlet , and on the right is a decora outlet. These are the cheapest and simplest option click here to check price on Amazon , and you can buy a box of them big enough to proof your entire house for a few dollars.

On the downside, these have to be installed and removed by hand every time you want to use the outlet for something.

A slightly more expensive but safer option are sliding plate covers. These covers have a spring-loaded piece of plastic that slides over the outlet slots, making it impossible to stick any kind of small object inside. Basically, they achieve the same effect as the electrical outlet caps, but automatically.

Click here to see them for standard outlets and here for decora outlets. When you use the outlet, you slide it across and plug in whatever you using. When you take the plug out, it automatically snaps back, effectively securing the outlet. These are definitely a more secure and safe option than the cheap outlet caps, but also a lot more expensive.

If you have occupied outlets that you need to baby-proof, things get a little more complicated. But even still, there are options! First and foremost, you want to stop them from being able to unplug anything. There are a world of problems that can happen as a result of them tugging out a cable! The easiest solution is to block off access to the outlet with furniture.

If this is at all possible, hiding the outlets from sight is the safest bet, although that might mean disrupting the wonderful Feng Shui that you worked so hard on achieving. There are a few different covers available that secure the outlet while making it impossible for the curious toddler to yank out of the wall.

These are great outlet covers that are virtually impossible for the prying toddler to get into. Heck, I found it pretty hard to get inside myself! Click here to see them for regular outlets , and here to see them for decora outlets. No more pulling out out of the wall! The Lectralock covers come with a lifetime warranty and are made in the USA, too. Power strips or bars are a little trickier to baby-proof, but it can still be done.

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