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Just ask Sam Axe from Burn Notice. Funny enough, a shaken martini is actually called a Bradford. This drink takes the shrinking violet of the Shirley Temple and adds a shot of whiskey. The Manly Temple, with its new twist on an old idea, is great for anyone who enjoys a stiff drink. Most establishments can agree that ingredients include gin, tequila, rum and vodka.

After that, all bets are off. Mixers can include soda, lemon juice, iced tea or cola. Some bars also nix the tequila in favor of brandy. Made of equal parts lime juice, triple sec and vodka, it is rumored that the recipe originated with American GIs at the Yokusuba military base during the Second World War. A variant of the whiskey fizz, an imperial includes an egg white. While Rocky Balboa drank his raw eggs straight, the risk of salmonella poisoning makes this drink risky.

Try it if you must, but get to a doctor if you develop a fever, diarrhea, vomiting or abdominal pain. Originally detailed as a glass of grapefruit juice with a shot of gin added and served over ice, modern tastes have changed the recipe to substitute vodka for gin. This change in preference occurred after , when vodka became far more common and overtook gin in popularity. Made of equal parts Goldschläger and Red Bull energy drink in a shot glass, the Gold Rush is a favorite of San Francisco football fans.

The shot takes its name from the 49ers cheer squad, named the Gold Rush Cheerleaders. Equal parts amaretto and scotch, this cocktail was rumored to be a favorite of lauded American actor Marlon Brando. Rickeys were originally made with bourbon, but the rest of the recipe remains unchanged. Half of a lime is squeezed and dropped into a tall glass, topped with a piece of ice, a wineglass of gin, and filled with seltzer water.

When ordering, be sure to specify if you want lime or lemon, as either is acceptable based on geography and the individual bartender. If you prefer both lemon and lime, that is properly called an Evans. Bracing and dry, the Frisco sour blends Benedictine with rye whiskey and adds lemon juice to cut some of the sweetness down.

It was quite popular during Prohibition, but fell into near-obscurity in recent years. It is also known as a 75 Cocktail. This drink contains no Dr. Pepper whatsoever, and is made by topping a shot of amaretto with a combustible liquor such as Bacardi or Everclear. The liquor is ignited and the whole shot dunked into half a glass of beer to extinguish it. Lemon-Ginger Mix — 8 oz. Created in the early s in New York City, the Manhattan is quite variable and will likely differ from bar to bar.

During Prohibition it became necessary to substitute American whiskey with Canadian, as it was far more readily available. In American parlance, a Boilermaker is a shot of whiskey and a beer. They can be mixed or the beer can be used to chase the shot, if served separately.

In the United Kingdom, the drink is a half-and-half mixture of bottled brown ale and mild draft. An unusual drink to say the least, the Bloody Bull mixes vodka, tomato juice, lemon and lime with beef bullion.

It is considered by some to be a quirky adaptation of the far more wide-spread Bloody Mary, and can make for an interesting taste experience. Another layered drink, a Black Velvet is stout beer poured over champagne. It is never served stirred, so bartenders use a spoon to pour the stout and avoid splashing. This cocktail is a recent invention that appears to have originated in Texas within the last few years.

A mixture of sugar, Grand Marnier cognac, tequila and lime juice, it is served over crushed ice in a salt-encrusted glass and garnished with a lime wedge. Cuervo Reserva de la Familia.

Grand Marnier 2 oz. Another modern invention without much history, a Beer Buster is made by adding two dashes of Tabasco sauce into a shot of your favorite vodka and topping it off with a bottle of beer in a tall, frosty mug. Also known as the Swimming Pool Cocktail, the Blue Hawaiian includes Curaçao, rum, pineapple juice, creme of coconut and, sometimes, vodka.

It is a vacation staple and is usually served frozen with a paper umbrella poking jauntily from the glass. Lemondrops are sometimes referred to as a lemon martini and come with some interesting variations. Using vodka as a base, lemon juice and simple syrup makes for a basic lemondrop. Additions such as triple sec, citrus schnapps or rimming the glass with sugar or salt, depending on taste, can make a lemondrop anywhere from candy-sweet to strikingly sour.

It is popular in many countries in Central and South America, especially during the hot summer months. Supposedly made for visiting Tahitian friends, a bartender in Oakland, California purportedly mixed up lime juice, rum and Curaçao to create the Mai Tai in and soon became synonymous with Tiki parties and Hawaii. The drink was also featured quite prominently in Blue Hawaii, a romantic comedy featuring rock-and-roll legend Elvis Presley.

Although there are competing claims concerning who actually invented the Fuzzy Navel, it only came into prominence when mixed drinks surged in popularity in the s. Made of half peach schnapps and half orange juice, it can also be turned into a Hairy Navel by adding vodka. Amaretto is made from either apricot pits or almonds, and has a complementary taste that lends itself to cooking.

Tiramisu, pancake batter and whipped cream can all benefit from some amaretto. The brand name Disaronno is nut-free and safe for those with allergies. An amaretto sour, which includes lime juice and ice cubes, is perfect for an after-dinner drink, as well.

A Salty Dog is a Greyhound with a rim of salt along the rim of the glass. Suede Leather Biker Jacket-Leather Funky Print Hooded Fishtail-Jacket Soft Shearling Kangaroo Round-Tee Soft Shearling Zipup-Hoodie Checker Contrast Loose Round-Tee Leopard Relaxed Sweater-Cardigan Extra Thick Chunky Shawl-Cardigan Damaged Patchwork Slim-Jeans Corduroy Wide Banding-Pants Designer's 5cm Heel Sneakers-Shoes Runway 5cm Heel Sneakers-Shoes Penny Loafer Driving-Shoes Rick Eyelet Derby-Shoes Monotone Urban Sneakers-Shoes Suede Easy Boost-Shoes Banding Sporty Sandals-Shoes Suede Contrast Mule Sneakers-Shoes Chunky Short Beanie-Hat Skull Stud Leather Backpack-Bag Sleek Crocodile Leather Cross-Bag Quilting Leather Compact Weekender-Bag Curving Silver Round Long-Necklace Mini Razor Dog Tag-Necklace Leaf Square Onix Chain-Necklace Cowhide Star Patch Clutch-Bag Gemstone Charm Leaf Necklace-Necklace Curving Open Sprout Ring-Ring Stud Gothic Cross Clutch-Bag Square Onix Streel Ring-Ring Sign in or Register Sign in.

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